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  Abuse Abuse (6)
  Books and Authors Books and Authors (35)
  Criminals Criminals (23)
  Domestic Violence Domestic Violence (2)
  Internet Crime Internet Crime (22)
  Kidnapping Kidnapping (5)
  Murder Murder (518)
  News and Media News and Media (12)
  Organized Crime Organized Crime (46)
  Prevention Prevention (116)
  Prisons Prisons (86)
  Research Research (118)
  Sex Offenses Sex Offenses (332)
  Theft Theft (135)
  Trials Trials (82)
  Unsolved Unsolved (15)
  Victims Victims (66)
  • Crimenet
    http://www.crimenet.com.au/  pop
    Australian based service provides a database of convicted criminals, con artists, frauds, scams, paedophiles, sex offenders, stolen property, missing persons, and unsolved crime.


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