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    http://www.caveat.org  pop
    Avocacy and education to reduce violence with a focus on public education, victims rights and the justice system.

  • Community Justice Portal
    http://www.cjp.org.uk/  pop
    Information exchange, networking and e-learning for people working in the community and criminal justice system. Includes news, press releases, job ads, publications, and discussion forum. [Registration required]

  • You Have the Power
    Not-for-profit agency devoted to raising awareness about criminal justice and crime prevention. Resource links and sale of educational products.

  • Questioning Double Jeopardy
    An analysis of the arguments used to defend the law known as Double Jeopardy. Is it a necessary law to protect us from the prosecutorial power of the state or an anachronistic hangover from medieval English law? An Australian site which addresses proposed changes to the law in some Commonwealth Common Law countries.


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