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  • National Criminal Justice Association
    NCJA is a Washington, D.C.-based special interest group that focuses primarily on helping develop and implement national policy in the criminal justice field and on helping states address criminal justice-related problems. This site includes a list of the state agencies represented on the association, highlights from the Justice Bulletin, and criminal justice-related links.

  • American Prosecutors Research Institute
    APRI provides training and technical assistance to the National District Attorneys Association, and maintains specialized units focusing on such areas as DNA, child abuse, and community prosecution. This site includes descriptions of major programs, contacts, lists of training sessions, and information on publications.

  • International Association of Prosecutors
    IAP is a non-governmental and non-political organization established because of the rapid growth in serious transnational crime, and dedicated to promoting international cooperation between prosecutors. This site includes an annual report, online newsletter, and information on joining the organization.


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