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more annoyin jokes

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Jeffrey Dahmer

Joined: 20 Nov 2005
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 3:15 pm    Post subject: more annoyin jokes Reply with quote

wuld a 30 year old midget go 2 a doctor or a pediatrician?
(thats just wrong)

when i was 8,i's sittin on the couch starin at the tv,andmy babysitter asked me if i was watching the t.v.,i said,"no its watching me,so u can leave"

i was workin underneath my car 1 day,when a friend comes up and says,wut u doin,workin on ur car.i said"no kinda hot outside,i'm down here tryin 2 get some shade 2 take a nap

peolpe ask me where i'm from,i'm like my mothers womb,but i was raised in the house(corny)

this was funny when it happened,
my philosophy proff. asked me" if a tree falls in the woods,and nothing was around 2 hear it,does it really make noise?" i replied"since i wasnt paying attention,did u really ask me that question?"stupid but funny at the time

if a black person was elected president,whats the first thing he'd do 4 this great nation of ours?

paint the white house

this guy heard time was money,and this genius writes 10 minutes on a piece of paper and says "how much can i get 4 it?" at a pawn shop

ok, ya the guy was me,dammit

at a buffet i brought 2 much back on my plate,culdnt finish and my wife asked me,"why do u do that,waste o food)i replied,"#$%& happens.....

and sometimes it dont and just stays on ur plate

just 2 see the look on her face,i wanta light some candles,get some music flowin,set the mood completly,and when she sits down 2 eat,i lift up the top o the trey,and inside r the 2 most mouth waterin mcdonalds double cheeseburgers u ever seen

toss her hers,and be like,ya girl,i got u extra pickles,gotta splurge everyonce in a while
and sorry they so cold,i thought you was gonna be here 4 hours ago
and had fries ,but i ate em,damn
my wife wuld....

i need 2 hire a P.I. 2 find me a job,cuz its hard 2 get a job interview 2 take place on my couch, and even no there r windows in my house,its hard 2 look 4 a job from the couch

or say a guys about 2 propose,he's obviously not bendin down 2 tie his shoe,and the girl is melting in front of him

then he opens 2 show her the ring and its a 25cent ring from food lion
then ashton k.comes runnin out," u just got punked"

i wish ihad a 2hr memory span,cuz i'd watch clerks over and over for the rest of my life

another name 4 a porn director?drill sargent,--- here private butkiss
(if that last part is 2 nasty...)

brawling is stupid,usually over words,
by the way if any1 has anything derrogatory 2 say about my jokes,u can meet me anytime u want on my website where i'm 260pounds of muscle,
or u can meet me on the forum and i'll call u a dum dum face(uuuuoooo)
thats right i said it

what is the definition of constipation?a deep seated problem(call the priest,i need someone 2 exorsice these demons,the priest gets there and says push,9 months later,she givs birth 2 a lil #$%&head)all parents hav called there kid a #$%&head atleast 1ce

gotta go i got a large pizza wit triple extra cheese on it 2 eat
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