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  • Traffic Radar Handbook
    http://copradar.com  pop
    Detailed technical description of microwave and laser police traffic radar. Includes operational limitations, possible operator errors, and common misreadings. Most information requires viewers to pay fee.

  • Cybersnitch Headquarters
    http://www.cybersnitch.net/  pop
    Online crime reporting system helps citizens and all of law enforcement agencies battle Internet- and computer-related crimes. All valid reports are transmitted to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

  • CopQuest
    http://www.copquest.com/  pop
    A forum for disseminating law enforcement related information including employment news, education, training and quality products.

  • ArsonSquad.com
    http://www.arsonsquad.com/  pop
    Information on arson squads, fires, investigations, and rewards. Also lets visitors report suspected arson activities in a secure and confidential manner.

  • MountedPolice.com
    http://www.mountedpolice.com/  pop
    Tells the stories of the Mounted Police community and provides police horse protection laws for several U.S. states. Also includes a discussion list open only to Mounted Police.


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